Sharon & Mark’s Wedding – Sorrento Hotel

Jason Parker Quartet Sorrento HotelSharon & Mark had a beautiful wedding at the Sorrento Hotel. It was a small wedding, and as a nice touch, the bride went around the room and introduced each guest, telling how she knew them and telling funny stories. It was a great personal touch.

I met with the happy couple a few weeks before the big day to discuss the music, and it was clear that Mark was the jazz fan. He had all sorts of questions about the music, the instrumentation, my business and how I can make a living as a musician. It was great to talk to them, and in the end they basically said “just do what you do”, which I always love to hear! They had seen us perform in the clubs and knew what we were about!

Thanks to Lynda Burgan of Blue Moon Memories Photography for the beautiful photo above!

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